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Chimney Sweep is the term used to describe a chimney expert. A good Chimney Sweep arrives on time and with all the equipment required for their job. They are fully trained in safety codes and regulations, which is a real plus since they will know exactly what to do if an emergency arises during the cleaning process or when they are on the roof. 

Your home will be cleaner than when they arrived, seeing as that’s one of their promises. It takes approximately 60 – 90 minutes to complete a full chimney sweep as there’s quite a bit involved in helping your chimney maintain optimal health. Contact Ormond Chimney Sweep and Chimney Repair for a FREE No Obligation quote today!

What does a chimney sweep do?

The first goal for the chimney sweep is to clean the chimney and make it safe for continued use. This is a very dirty process and requires drop cloths, gloves and specialized vacuums to ensure we keep your home as clean as possible. Once the cleaning portion is complete, it’s time for our most important segment: The in-depth inspection! We will be using our extensive list of tools to measure the interior and exterior of your chimney so that you have a record you can refer back to in order to keep track of maintenance. 

Chimney sweeps perform two different types of inspections. An internal inspection gauges the mortar and structure for any cracks or defects that might have been covered up by soot, creosote, or another grime buildup.

The external inspection covers various details, including the masonry structure and overall stability, as well as any signs of possible future problems such as flu fire or other sudden occurrences. Upon completion of the inspection, if a chimney sweep finds cracks, gaps, code violations, or other problematic issues with your chimney system, then they will document their findings in writing to be sent to an insurer for review when requesting compensation for damages incurred upon the property (i.e. a homeowner.)

A chimney sweep can inspect your fireplace flu for functionality and see if it works properly. The flue below your fireplace opens out of the side of your house. A problem with a chimney is you don’t notice it’s there until issues arise. The inside ceiling may crumble, or smoke can start coming out of your vents.

There will be a smell of rotten eggs in the house, and your eyes will burn from the backdraft. You need an annual inspection done by a licensed expert who will be able to spot any problems before they happen and avoid a dangerous situation from occurring. 

How are Chimney Repair and Chimney Sweep similar?

Chimney repair and chimney cleaning are the most common home services available. A chimney sweep is mainly concerned with inspecting, sweeping and repairing your chimney. In contrast, a chimney maintenance specialist will handle any masonry, stonework or tuck-pointing that needs to be attended to after inspecting your entire fireplace. 

The first order of business for a professional chimney repairman is always to thoroughly assess the condition of your complete fireplace, after which they’ll provide you with an accurate quote and set up a time to perform the necessary repairs if the homeowner agrees.

How do Chimney Repair and Chimney Sweep differ?

There can be a lot of confusion regarding the differences between chimney sweep services and chimney repair. Some people mistake a chimney sweep for being able to fix or perform repairs on their own, but that's not, in fact, what they do professionally.

A good chimney sweep would check your chimney for cracks and other damage, point it out to you, but will most likely not be able to rectify this kind of issue themselves because they might not have the appropriate resources - they are specialists. At what they do! The same applies when people think any mechanic is a certified auto body technician who could buff scratches right out of their car. That's completely false, yet it happens all too often these days.

The best thing you can do as an informed consumer is to make sure to clarify with them upfront whether they offer these specific types of services before entrusting them with any big job!

Does a chimney cleaning create a mess?

While cleaning the blackened residue from the bottom of your fireplace or the top of your chimney can be difficult, it’s important to remember that there is a better way to do it yourself. Professional chimney sweeps will come equipped with a vacuum cleaner with a dual HEPA filter which sets up plastic sheets and drop cloths around both you and your home before beginning.

 This make sure that absolutely no ash or powder gets anywhere near you, as well as special tools such as scrapers and brushes to deal with getting off all of the material on the inside of your chimney. They will carefully clean off every part of your chimney using both methods until it shines bright like new! So, make sure that if you want a job done right when dealing with anything related to fireplaces, wood fires, fire pits, or anything else you think would be best left in someone else’s hands!